Escape Box "Apocalypse": just a few copies left!

Pocket Investigations

Cooperative investigation games inspired by escape games, with real objects to offer an even more immersive experience.

An immersive investigation

Show your observation and deduction skills to solve a series of puzzles. Each game contains 5 to 10 realistic items and documents (a letter, a card, keys, a matchbox...).

Search and handle

Like in escape rooms, you will have to examine, manipulate and combine items that are sometimes hidden.

Scenarios for every taste

Whether you have to track down a serial killer, find a hidden treasure or solve an historical mystery, each episode explores a different theme based on an original narrative.

Between virtual and real worlds

Depending on the scenario, you will have to consult and interact with online content: real information websites or fake pages created by us (videos, sounds, social networks...)

Gather a team

Cooperate to solve the case. It is possible to take your chance alone, but for most scenarios it is recommended to gather 2 to 4 players.

Send a unique and original gift

Treat your friends with 100 grams of suspense sent directly to their mailbox!

How to play?

1) Receive a mysterious envelope in your mailbox

You receive by postal mail (generally within a week after ordering) a mysterious envelope containing all the game elements.
Order one scenario or a 3-episode combo. Each episode is playable independantly from the others.
You can also offer the game to a friend: guaranteed to surprise!

2) Log into the website

A laptop, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection are required to play.

Open the game launch page (the address is indicated on the sticker on the back of the envelope).
You will find there instructions as well as a link to hints.
You can then start playing. A game typically lasts between 45 to 100 minutes.

3) Examine the items & documents to solve the case

Read the documents, examine the items, inspect everything carefully.
Search, handle, decipher, make connections between the various elements to try to identify the culprit, find the secret code or discover the hidden treasure... Then enter the solution on the game website.
If you're a team of several players, share the tasks and don't forget to communicate between you!

The scenarios

Press reviews

Surprisingly challenging (...) An intriguing set of convincingly realistic objects” (...) a puzzle hunt, but the narrative framing and the naturalistic presentation of the clues are straight from an escape room.

Escape The Review

Clever and compact puzzle design (...) Well-designed game flow (...) Well-thought out hint system (...) It's rare to see a hand-made puzzle game that has deliberate art direction.

Room Escape Artist

If you enjoy escape rooms, mysteries or puzzles of any sort, there's no doubt you'll enjoy the challenge.

Married With Board Games

A challenging level (...) a fun experience.

The Logic Escapes Me


Frequently Asked Questions

Some paper and a pen to take notes.
An Internet connection (ideally a tablet or a computer for more comfort, but a smartphone is good enough.)
No preparation required: open the box and play!
Yes, each game is playable on its own. The "Apocalypse" series comprises "Prelude", "Apocalypse:Sign of the Cross" (the longest and most hardcore game) and "Babylon", and we recommend that you play them in that order. "Merry Christmas" is the easiest scenario.
Sometimes the scenario can induce a feeling of urgence, but the game length is not limited by a timer. Depending on the episodes and the level of the players, each game is designed to last between 45 and 100 minutes. An online hint system prevents from being stuck. You can also join the players community on our Discord chat server.
Most of our games are designed for a mature audience. Unless stated otherwise on the game description, it is recommendd to be 14+ to play Pocket Investigations.
Not by the same players (unless you suffer from severe amnesia!), but you can offer the game to someone else. On our website, we offer a free PDF download of the documents that might be required to reinitialize the game.

Who are we?

Created in 2018 by Mathias Daval and Johanna Pernot, Argyx Games is a French independant game studio and publishing company, based in Paris. We specialize in designing alternate reality investigation board games, crafted by hand and released in limited edition, as well as tailor-made murder parties, treasure hunts & live escape games. Our first game, "Apocalypse", was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in July 2018.
Argyx Games is also the publisher of a blog dedicated to reviewing live escape games, investigation games and board games in general: Escape Box (in French).
YouTube: ***