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Apocalypse online

You received the mysterious video of a serial killer, Abaddon: will you catch him in time before he commits more murders?



A young Chinese tourist has been kidnapped. Will you find her thanks to a video and her Instagram account?

Pocket Investigations Online

Pocket Investigations

The online version of 3 of our investigation games, on Tabletopia: Merry Christmas, Prelude and Casino

Online investigations

Besides its range of board games, Argyx Games offers a series of online puzzles for hardcore gamers and digital-savvy geeks.

Immersive investigations

Show your observation and deduction skills to solve a series of puzzles.

Automated interactions

All our puzzles are managed via a Discord server. This is where you will find clues, as well as BOTs (chat robots) that handle some of the interactions.

Scenarios for every taste

Whether you have to track down a serial killer, find a hidden treasure or solve an historical mystery, each episode explores a different theme based on an original narrative.

Put your thinking cap on!

Puzzles include all kinds of techniques: decoding & cryptography, information analysis, observation of visual and audio clues, QR codes, Google Maps, stereography... and even video games!

Between fiction and reality

You will have to consult and interact with online content: real information websites or fake pages created by us (videos, sounds, social networks...)

Join the community

It is possible to take your chance alone, but we advise you to get help from the community of players gathered on Discord. If you're really stuck, it is also possible to ask one of Argyx's moderators for help.

How to play?


1) Create an account on Discord

Discord is a web chat application. The first step is to create a free account by going to: https://discord.gg/T3mRkSN. Once you've joined our server, start by reading carefully the instructions in the #welcome channel.

If you're lost, don't panick! Ask a question in the #general_en channel, or contact a moderator (you can find them in the member list on the right side, under the title "MOD").

2) Try an online puzzle for free

It is possible to play all our online puzzles on a mobile phone, but we strongly recommend to use a computer for better comfort.

Go to the Discord channel #ParisOhYeahYeah. This is the starting point for the puzzle "ParisOhYeahYeah", which is a good introduction to our online puzzles, and is entirely free. If you're an English speaker, you can also get a free access to the first part of "Apocalypse Online": #apocalypse_en.

First have a careful look at the pinned post (on the upper right side of the chat ), it is the starting point of your investigation.

3) Register and access all our puzzles

Go to our online shop to buy the Premium access to our games.

Once logged in, you will be granted a special "Premium" role on our Discord server, and you will gain access to all our private channels and current puzzles.

The scenarios


Frequently Asked Questions

Each episode will take you between a few days to a few weeks to solve. Each scenario consists in one to six episodes, and you can expect 2 to 3 new scenarios every year. 2 scenarios are available: "Apocalypse Online" and "ParisOhYeahYeah". Apocalypse includes 6 episodes.
Yes, there are all English. Some of them have bilingual versions (French-English).
All replies are automatically sent, so we advise you to check your spam box. If you still didn't receive the email, please contact a moderator on Discord.
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